Api Pipe, Large Diameter Pipe And Seamless Steel Pipes And Their Uses

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Pipes of different varieties are of great importance in different industry sectors. In this article, you would get to know about a few types like API pipe, large diameter pipe and seamless steel pipes and their application areas.

API Pipe:

American Petroleum Institute Specification Pipe popularly known as API pipe is especially popular among Oil and Gas exporters across the world for their reliability. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with cost effective varieties as per the demands of the present market. Some manufacturers have also facilitated for custom-made types as per the specifications of special industry requirements for example, there are different API varieties for the diverse areas of operation in the petroleum industry like production, refinement, distribution etc. The API pipe variety can be customized as per its size, length, and thickness.
Large Diameter Pipe:
The large diameter pipe is used for special requirements in a few important industry sectors. They provide specialized solutions for these industries specific needs for successful completion of a task. The large diameter pipe range available today are known for their structural integrity, durability, high compression, pressure resistance, easy operation and of course stable and reliable movement. These pipes are becoming crucial these days in competent urban drainage systems. In addition, the large diameter pipe is used liberally in natural gas and oil industry for the materials high strength, rigidity and pressure tolerance. Apart from the standard varieties, most of the manufacturers today also cater to special needs with customized versions, as per the specifications of individual customers. For example, the large diameter pipe used in drainage systems, come with anti - creep properties for superior connecting advantage and economy of construction.

Seamless steel pipe:

Seamless steel pipe as the name suggests is made from a single strip of steel without any welded areas. Hence, they are stronger than the welded varieties of steel pipes and obviously more expensive. Among the various industry sectors that uses the seamless steel pipe are oil & gas, power generation, manufacturing and construction industries. These seamless steel pipes are best when used with the right accessories like their corresponding fittings, valves, and flanges. Most suppliers today also take order for customized varieties of these seamless steel pipe ranges.

Use only authentic API pipe, large diameter pipe and seamless steel pipes to get the best from them. Hence, order these pipes only from reliable sources to get quality products that can give you long-term benefits. In addition, they should come with guarantee for total risk management and productivity enhancement.
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Api Pipe, Large Diameter Pipe And Seamless Steel Pipes And Their Uses

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Api Pipe, Large Diameter Pipe And Seamless Steel Pipes And Their Uses

This article was published on 2010/12/01