Attributes of Groove Pipe Fitting`s Connection

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Simple operation

Groove pipe fitting's connection operation is fairly easy, which doesn't call for special expert abilities, right after the straightforward training, even the ordinary workers can operate. This is simply because folks have integrated a lot of fine technologies into the finished item by way of factorization. 1 pipe fitting connection only use just a few minutes, which simplify the technical difficulty in field operations to the maximum and save the working time, and as a consequence stabilize the engineering good quality and increase efficiency. This is also the overall direction of the installed technologies development.

Aside from that, as the groove pipe fittings are the finished parts, on-site operational space is small, so it can be truly installed at the wall corner, and as a consequence it is much less difficult to operate, save the area and prettify the result of the pipeline installation.

The original characteristics of the pipeline would not be affected

Groove pipe fittings' connection only uses the roll slot machine to extrude a groove at the outer surface of the connected pipe, without disturbing the pipe's wall structure, which is the unique technical merit of groove pipe fitting connection. If using the traditional welding operations, many inner walls are done with the pipe coating, so they will be ruined. For that reason, the rules specify that galvanized pipe, steel pipe lined with plastics, plastic composite pipe and others can not be used the welding and flanged connections, in any other case they are needed for secondary treatment.

It's conducive to construction safety

Using groove pipe fitting connection technology, which only requires cutting machine, roll slot machines and the wrench in the scene, to facilitate the construction organization. By using welding and the flange connection, folks need the complex power cable, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, etc., which brings complexity to the construction organization, and there exists also the risk of leakage and fire hazard .

System is stable, easy maintenance

Groove pipe fittings' connection has unique flexible features, making the pipelines with anti-vibration, anti-shrinkage and expansion capacity. Compared with the welding and flange connection, the stability of piping system would be on the increase, which is more suitable to temperature change in order to protect the pipeline valves, and it also reduces the damage on the pipeline's structure.

As groove pipe fitting's connection is easy operation, so it requires smaller operating space, which has brought many conveniences for the future maintenance.

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Attributes of Groove Pipe Fitting`s Connection

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Attributes of Groove Pipe Fitting`s Connection

This article was published on 2011/07/29