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HC plastic mesh : Foshan Battenfeld Cincinnati Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. manufacture of high-speed development of polyolefin pipe extrusion line LEANEX63 since it was launched in May last year, attracted national attention pipe manufacturers. LEANEX63 polyolefin pipe extrusion to bring high efficiency, high quality and cost-effective pipe, pipe manufacturer in the market will help create long-term competitive advantage. Held in Shanghai in the coming Chinaplas on Battenfeld Cincinnati will feature LEANEX63 part of the production line equipment and showcase the latest development of equipment for more information.

LEANEX Extruder Weighing hopper is equipped with a gravity meter for the pipe weight control

Cincinnati Battenfeld will display aspect ratio 30D, 60mm screw diameter of LEANEX Single screw extruder , Its processing PE -HD pipe to reach the maximum yield of 320kg / h. The extruder consists of a 90kW DC motor drive, configure the development of a B & R with a 5.7 "TFT Color Touch Screen compact automatic control system.

Versatile LEANEX63 production line specifically for the processing of 16 to 63mm of polyolefin pipe and Development. According to different raw materials such as polyolefins PE-RT, PP-R , PE-HD and the rheological behavior of PB design and development Extrusion die And the sizing sleeve to ensure the best quality pipe and make high-speed production is possible. 20x1.9mmPE-RT pipe production line to ensure speed is 25m/min.

Polyolefin pipes are widely used in many applications, such as floor heating, gas transmission and supply of drinking water. Highly flexible and capable of various production tasks LeanEx63 so you can use to help pipe manufacturer business opportunities from all applications. Production line from the first set of LeanEx63 Since the launch of Battenfeld Cincinnati downstream through the development of a variety of innovative devices to expand the scope of LeanEx63 equipment, which makes Battenfeld Cincinnati pipe manufacturers can always provide the most appropriate equipment to meet their demands .

LeanEx63 offers two different models for high speed extrusion of double-belt tractor. Both models are equipped with the independence of each belt drive motor, to ensure accurate upper and lower belt speed synchronization. Two types of belt contact length and maximum diameter of 32mm motors, respectively, and 63mm configuration, ensure that each model in the context of the specific rate high enough to provide stable traction.

Addition to the maximum diameter for 40mm, cost-effective than flying knife cutting machine, LeanEx63 provide another model for the largest polyolefin pipe 63mm no chip cutting. Newly developed PC 63 not only for high-speed production, it also provides another significant advantage: can be cut up to 13mm thick wall pipe wall thickness. The important feature to PC63 as pipe manufacturer of high pressure pipes grade olefin, such as the S2 series PP-R pipe necessary equipment. PC63 mobile station by the servo motor and the saw tooth-belt drive and a digital controller to synchronize with the speed of traction machine, cutting length to ensure a high accuracy.

Last but not least is the Battenfeld technical experts Cincinnati coil semi-rigid polyolefin tubing developed duplex coil machine. There are two models for customer choice, respectively apply to the maximum diameter of 40mm, and 63mm. Both models are configured so as to ensure a continuous cable installation look neat coil. Both cost-effective coil machine provides excellent operational reliability and convenience. Due to the mechanical devices and the perfect design control procedures, the operator can independently complete the top line speed 25m/min to start this challenging new volume operation.
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Cincinnati Leanex63 Line Battenfeld Competitive Advantage - Battenfeld, Cincinnati, Extrusion Line -

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Cincinnati Leanex63 Line Battenfeld Competitive Advantage - Battenfeld, Cincinnati, Extrusion Line -

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