Pipe Couplings for Error Free Pipe Systems

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A coupling is a pipe of very short length that is used in piping or plumbing-related tasks. Pipe couplings are manufactured with a socket on one end or both ends. These sockets facilitate the pipes or tubes to be joined, welded, brazed or soldered. These are available in different types of metals such as steel, copper and brass.

When it comes to joining two pipes together, it needs to be done impeccably. The smallest gap or misfit can lead to leakages and cracks. That's the reason couplings are widely used in a sewage system. They are not only well-fitted, but they also get firmly fixed in one place eliminating the chances of a misfit or gap. As is common knowledge, sewage pipes have a high volume of liquids flowing through them constantly at various pressures.

You will find pipe couplings being used in varied places such as industries, buildings, pipe networks and other industrial set ups. Most importantly, it is the municipal corporations that need to source quality couplings. Pressure couplings are also a critical part of sewage systems.

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of using couplings for various pipe systems:

  • These couplings offer great protection at angles. Angles are susceptible to leaks and cracks so it is very important to secure them in the right manner.
  • Such couplings are most widely used in sewer systems which are intended for carrying waste matter from bathrooms and kitchens. Leakages in these systems could cause potential health and sanitation hazards.
  • Couplings should almost always be bought after you have considered factors such as vibrations in the pipe system and the natural ground movement. If both these factors are high, it is advisable to choose couplings that are specifically meant for such situations. You would need only the best quality couplings for this purpose.
  • Misalignment could lead to several complications. Repairing and re-fixing couplings is a rather tedious task. Hence it is always advisable to talk to a manufacturer before you make the final purchase decision. This will help you make the best purchase at the most cost effective rates.
  • Depending on the chemical and oil exposure that the coupling will have to withstand, you need to choose the materials carefully. Caustic chemicals that are sometimes present in waste matter can lead to deterioration or degradation of pipes.
  • Stainless steel is the most preferred alloy for couplings as well as pressure couplings. They offer great durability as well as excellent corrosion resistance. However, you could also opt for other metals such as brass and copper depending on your specific requirements.

It's also a practical idea to discuss other aspects such as shipping and delivery modes before you make the final purchase decision relating to pipe couplings.

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Pipe Couplings for Error Free Pipe Systems

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This article was published on 2012/03/03