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Pipes are very old product used in many different types of activities, but most of the pipes are used in the contrition types of works. Pipes are also known as the simple machines in the definitions of physics because it may be used in the work which are simpler but have a significance importance on the economy and also for the betterment of the of the society and the environment. One of the simple examples is the extraction of the oil from the well. Pipes are used in the extractions of different types of oil from the well as the pressure put on the pipes it will force the oil to come out.

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that the pipes are used in the construction type of works and have the importance in this field now we will discuss where the pipes and there different types of categories are used in the construction. Well we know that when some building is going to build, before that we have to acquire the piece of land for that project and the piece of the land should be empty so that we can build the building or anything according to our mind.

As the word pipes reflect the meaning that if the two or more than two pipes are join together it may make the path to the someone to go up for the work, the category of the pipes used in this type of making the path is called the scaffolding. Scaffolding is used most in making the building or in order to repair the thing which is tall enough from the ground like painting the roof from inside of the old building mostly found in the Central London. The scaffolding is just like the cage of any animal but made in the way that it will provide the path to the person to go up and then do the job over there.

Scaffolding is the one type of the pipe but there are hundred types of the pipes used in the many other related jobs. The cage of the lion in the zoo is also made with the steel pipes. In this, the pipes are arrange close to each other so that the lion can`t come out so that people are saved from the danger. The history of the pipes is as old as the history on the mankind. Before the technical world exist the water came through the rope and the basket through the well but now a days the water is come out through the pipes the use of the pipes are very simple in this types of jobs. I order to dig the water out of the well we have to just put the force on the piece of the pipe so that it will put the same force on the water and so that it will come out through that pipe. Use of the pipe are getting popular to do the work easily.

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Pipes Known Simple Machine

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This article was published on 2010/09/30