Types of Plumbing Pipes

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Plumbing is the system of carrying the water which provides us with the clean water and remove the debris in the form of sewerage. Pipes are the part and parcel of this system. Plumbing systems consist of drains, pipes and tubes. The major difference between the pipe and the tube is that the former is thicker and straighter than the tubes. Different types of pipes are used for different purposes in the plumbing systems. These types include polyvinyl chloride, copper, lead and the stainless steel pipe. Each pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages.
If we classify the plumbing pipes in two broad categories, the most important division is plastic and metal pipes. The plastic pipes have many categories. They include the polyvinylchloride pipes that form the commonest variety of the pipes used in our home. They are attached to all kinds of fixtures that we have placed in our houses. Poly vinyl chloride pipes are made to handle a large amount of pressure and are high pressure pipes. They are designed to carry only the cold water because the plastic warps on heating. Newer chlorinated varieties have been discovered that allow carrying hot water too.
Other important varieties of the plastic pipes include PEX pipe and poly pipe. PEX pipes offer good heat resistance and can be used for both the cold and the hot water. This makes them a better choice as compared to the PVC. They are also used by the domestic consumers for in heating and cooling systems. However to differentiate one from the other, different colors are given to the heating and cooling pipes. Cooling pipes are white in color and the heating pipes are red or blue in color.  They can be easily bought from the hardware stores at a very low cost and easily installed in the houses. Poly pipes are the pipes that are used in the exterior only. They are large, black and rigid and are used to carry water from one place to another.
In metallic pipes, copper is the most commonly used variety. It is expensive than the plastic pipes but has no match in durability and strength and is thus preferred by the majority of plumbers and costumers. Also another plus point of copper is that it can cope with all kinds of temperature without any decrease in the performance. It is resistant to corrosion as well and does not wear away with rusting or any of the natural processes.
Steel pipes are the next important pipes. They come in two varieties galvanized steel and stainless steel. They are the least commonly used pipes because they are very costly and give no additional domestic benefit. However they are resistant to the corrosion due to salt water making them useful for the marine usage. Galvanized steel Pipes however a greater range of applications in daily sewerage system. They are used for the carry the water from the houses to the drains and bring fresh water to your house.

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Types of Plumbing Pipes

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This article was published on 2011/04/20